Understand the key differences between supervised and unsupervised machine learning and discover game changing applications for HR

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The goal of unsupervised learning is to build a model that can create its own representation of the world to then generate imaginative content. It allows us to uncover hidden correlation, trends and anomalies in data, not perceptible to humans. Unsupervised learning has been used in many instances to uncover…

See how you can easily develop a chatbot to support client exchanges and gain competitive insights

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Eliza was the first chatbot created in 1994 by Joseph Weizenbaum from MIT. Originally, chatbots were built to catch on to key words in sentences and had pre-programed responses, creating the illusion of having human-like conversation. For example, at the time, if you told Eliza, “My father is a great…

This machine learning model predicted a dangerous outcome nobody saw coming in 9 steps

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Following my last article that discussed the applications of Supervised Learning for Strategic Workforce Planning, I was asked to share a concrete example and illustrate how a machine learning model works.

This article offers a step-by-step guide (with code) to implement a simple supervised learning model to predict attrition. You…

How supervised learning can help predict talent needs and prescribe the appropriate course of action

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Recruiting and retaining top talent continues to be increasingly competitive, despite the shift of equilibrium in talent supply and demand caused by the pandemic. Organizations are deploying important efforts in talent acquisition and management, but are they investing in the right areas? …

See how you can enhance candidate experience, detect diversity & inclusion issues, automate steps and improve the overall effectiveness of your recruitment process through natural language processing

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Following the publication of my article The Potential for Machine Learning in HR: 3 Business Application Examples, a few reached out with questions on the different machine learning techniques cited. In response, I’d like to take a deeper dive in one of the mentioned techniques: natural language processing (NLP) and…

How machine learning can unlock the potential of your workforce

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Business applications for machine learning are becoming increasingly integrated in organizations, and not just in the commonly known giants such as Google, Amazon, and Tesla. AI and machine learning are increasingly reaching midsize and even small companies, especially in operations/logistics, business development and finance/accounting domains. …

Isabelle Bittar, MBA, PMP, CRHA

Isabelle is a Montreal-based business consultant specialized in HR and data science.

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